​John Lindsay is the Principal and Senior Consultant at MacDonald MGMT. In this role, Mr. Lindsay meets with business owners concerned about the future liquidity events of their privately held firms. Mr. Lindsay is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business and holds an MBA degree from Oxford Brookes University.

Mr. Lindsay is no stranger to business analysis, having spent 19 years as an analyst and a financial consultant to business owners, which clarified the importance of realizing the value of a privately owned business. He has more than thirty-five years of business experience in North America and Europe.

Mr. Lindsay helps private business owners to realize the monetary value of their business as Tax-Free. Mr. Lindsay has experience in various industries and has analyzed and consulted on hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. He has written a number of published articles on the problems business owners encounter when they try to sell their business.

Mr. Lindsay is available for private consultations on small and medium-sized businesses and can be reached at:

West Office: (403) 450 - 3480/ (403) 397 - 2772

East Office: (416) 528 - 1854



Dawnyca Cristello is usually your first contact with MacDonald MGMT. in Ontario. She is our Business Development and Service contact. Her accreditations include the Certified Financial Planner designation.

She has the first-hand experience which comes from living the life of a private company manufacturer in Western Canada.  This firm had 1500 employees, a presence in the USA and multiple real estate assets.  Long hours and sacrifices were part of the “all hands on deck” culture. The company was approached by buyers, however different views by multiple shareholders scuttled the sales process. In addition, the projected tax cost on a sale became the final dis-incentive to end the sales process. Subsequently, the business had to be wound down. “Watching colleagues lose their stakes and employees lose their jobs was tragic.”

Dawnyca knows now that this type of tragedy does NOT have to happen and this certainty drives her motivation to help other business owners every day. Dawnyca also welcomes the partnership with accountants. She believes that an owner’s accountant is a great asset to the enterprise. Owners are usually more inclined to concentrate on the day to day operations. Trusting their accountants to guide them in financial matters gives them peace of mind and more time to concentrate on their individual focus. Dawnyca can be reached at:

Dawnyca Cristello, CFP

East Office: 84 Lift Lock Rd. W

Kirkfield, ON   K0M 2B0

(416) 930 - 2875


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John Lindsay

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John Lindsay

West Office 403-450-3480

East Office 416-528-1854

Dawnyca Cristello  

East Office 416-930-2875


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